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Garden Photos
Backyard scene   (New Ad)
Posted On: 05/16/2018
Backyard scene
Tonia Garrigues
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Corner garden   (New Ad)
Posted On: 05/16/2018
Corner garden
Nancy Fogarty
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Entry way photo   (New Ad)
Posted On: 05/16/2018
Entry way photo
Lois Biz - Neskowin
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Golf Course view   (New Ad)
Posted On: 05/16/2018
Golf Course view
Marty Wynne - Echo Court
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Garden Photos
Posted On: 05/10/2018
Our garden in RC near Columbia Ave. Spring 2018
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Posted On: 05/04/2018
some photos of our spring garden
Lori Zajic
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Garden Photo
Posted On: 05/02/2018
Photo of my garden
Angela LeWarne
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Posted On: 04/30/2018
Pansies in my garden
Michelle Haynes
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Garden photo
Posted On: 04/22/2018
A few pictures of my garden.
Leda Mareth
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My garden photos
Posted On: 04/19/2018
Summer 2017, my garden ladder, planted shopping cart, planted red wagon, close up of roses.
AJ Finsand, folkartoriginals@yahoo.com
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Submit your Garden Photos Here
Posted On: 04/16/2018
Any RCCA member that is logged in to the website can post photos of their garden here. Use the category Garden Photos. You must login to the website before you can post your photos. You can submit up to 5 photos. The Web Administrator will review your submission, and your listing will be published once it has been approved. You will receive an email to let you know. The photos here are just test photos to demonstrate how they will look on the Bulletin Board page.
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RCCA Needs Your Help
We need your Help to keep Rock Creek beautiful
Posted On: 04/20/2018

Hi, folks. This is us. We're it. You may not know it, but the few of us there are - we're the entire "them". And so, to put it plainly: We are just... exhausted. Your RCCA team of less than 10 individuals has reached its limitations. It is no overstatement to say that we are reaching out to you in desparation for help. With no HOA, these 10 individuals - out of nearly 10,000 residents - do literally all they can to continue keeping our neighborhood, your neighborhood, one of the most livable communities in Oregon. This is incredibly sad, and it has become too much.

We need more hands to help beautify each and every month, more funds to build and rebuild increasingly decaying infrastructure, more volunteers at events, more offers of services at no charge or deep discounts, more materials and landscape equipment, more this, more that...

With a neighborhood of this immense size, with such a high quality of living, to not have an HOA or township status is almost unheard of; and while many see that as a bonus of living here, it amounts to certain decay in the event that volunteerism and community support vanish.

The amount and variation of work these 10 folks do is staggering, but also unsustainable. And while some may spout, "Well, no one is forcing them to do it. I never told anyone I needed my neighborhood beautiful, safe, and family friendly." To those we would respond with the statistics that rise in neglected communities; statistics that most would never want to be a part of. Statistics we hope you, the reader, do not want to be a part of. This is especially alarming given the current state of Portland's multiple housing crises.

Many of your reasons for choosing this neighborhood are the very same reasons your RCCA works endlessly to see it remains that way.

Ultimately it comes down to this, dearest Rock Creek: how badly do you want to keep all of it? How important is the quality of life you receive by living here?

We hope the answer to these questions are based in communal pride and action.

It is crucial to understand that this is in no way a sob story. This is not a clamoring for your money. This is a very real, very emergent reality.

We implore you to join your RCCA, who meet monthly every second Wednesday unless noted; we implore you to visit www.myrockcreek.com to offer something, anything you can give monetarily as often as you are able to; we implore you to volunteer your time to keep the miles upon miles of common areas clean and well kept; most of all we implore you to simply get involved.

We thank you for taking your time to read this, and hope that this message finds you in an understanding nature. Because we've reached a critical point; we're all we've got, folks. There is no "some other person" to care for your neighborhood. And if there is any way you could help, boy we could sure use it right about now.

As always, and only ever, our best, Your RCCA

J.Letter, Volunteer