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New LED streetlights
Posted on Mar 10th, 2022

PGE recently installed new energy-efficient LED streetlights throughout the Rock Creek area.  The old streetlights used high-energy sodium bulbs that consumed 70-100 watts each and emitted an amber-color light, whereas the new LED lights only consume 33-45 watts each, and they produce a much brighter light that looks more like daylight, and they last much longer.  A total of 430 new Town and Country colonial-style streetlights were installed in Rock Creek, as part of PGE’s upgrade of 1,200 streetlights in Washington County this year.  The new light fixtures have the same colonial styling as the old ones, except that they do not have glass panes like the old ones.  They look so much like the old ones that many homeowners queried had not even noticed them.  Most of the lights installed in Rock Creek have 33-watt LEDs, and the 45-watt LEDs were used mostly on the main streets like Rock Creek Blvd.  An approximate calculation of the energy savings for the LED bulbs came out to 76,500 KWH per year saved on electricity which will save Rock Creek taxpayers approximately 54% or $10,000 per year.  That works out to around $6 per year for each of the 1,700 homeowners in Rock Creek.  Perhaps even more important is the extra safety provided by the brighter streetlights, and the benefit to the environment by saving energy.  The photo shows the new streetlights in action.  Check them out the next time you take a walk or drive in the neighborhood after dark.
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