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Rock Creek Blvd. Speed Bumps Installed early after a very close vote
Posted on May 26th, 2024

Good news for those homeowners concerned about speeding on Rock Creek Blvd: the 5 speed bumps that were recently approved by the homeowners who live on Rock Creek Blvd. and the adjacent cul de sacs have been installed earlier than expected. Washington County originally expected the speed bumps to be installed in 2025, but one of their paving contractors had enough money left in their contract to allow the county to install them now instead of next year.
4 speed feedback signs are also being installed later this Summer.  Hopefully these improvements will make it safer for pedestrians, bikers, and residents who travel on this important road through the Rock Creek community.
The vote on the speed bumps illustrates just how important it is to get involved in your community. Residents along Rock Creek Blvd. passed the Washington County Neighborhood Streets Program's traffic calming plan by the slimmest majority possible!  A two thirds majority was required to pass the measure and it passed by just 1 vote. Thank you to the residents who tirelessly canvassed neighbors to turn in their votes.  Only residents along Rock Creek Blvd and the cul de sacs in the affected area from Malhuer to the soccer fields received surveys and were able to vote. Based on surveys received by the county, it passed by 67.26%.  There were 113 surveys sent, 89 returned, and 76 in support of traffic calming.  Non-responses were counted as "no" votes, and 67% "yes" votes were required to pass the measure.
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